Hedge Mainnet beta and Tokenomics

  • Mainnet beta will be launching May 19th starting with SOL as initial collateral
  • This will be done at the same time as the start of our liquidity mining program
  • The HDG total supply is 10M
  • Over 20k unique wallets interacted with Hedge
  • Over 32,000 vaults were created
  • Upwards of 100M devnet USH minted (we even had to disable a debt ceiling limit to allow people to continue testing!)

Mainnet beta


HDG initial token distribution.

Liquidity Mining

Hedge will start liquidity mining at the same time as the mainnet beta launch. This is the expected emission schedule for HDG token emission over the next 6 years. The stability pool incentives are fixed and halve every year.

HDG emissions in first year of protocol launch
6 year HDG emissions schedule



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