Hedge Mainnet beta and Tokenomics

3 min readMay 15, 2022



  • Mainnet beta will be launching May 19th starting with SOL as initial collateral
  • This will be done at the same time as the start of our liquidity mining program
  • The HDG total supply is 10M

Since announcing our initial fundraise we’ve had a huge amount of interest in Hedge with some amazing stats on our devnet:

  • Over 20k unique wallets interacted with Hedge
  • Over 32,000 vaults were created
  • Upwards of 100M devnet USH minted (we even had to disable a debt ceiling limit to allow people to continue testing!)

Additionally over 21k people joined our community on Discord and gave valuable feedback as we head to mainnet. We’ll be sure to reward all these users for participating — details are available in our Discord.

Mainnet beta

Hedge’s mainnet beta contract will fully go live on

Thursday 19th of May at 1pm ET

starting with SOL as collateral. The public can also get Early Access starting May 17th by following instructions in our Discord.

While this has taken a while, it is because we’ve worked diligently on this since winning the Chainlink prize at the Ignition Hackathon, making sure everything works well before launching.

After launch we’ll be focusing on onboarding additional collateral (though we’ll be carefully assessing each collateral for risk profile) and improving USH liquidity. We have other very exciting features lined up that we’ll be revealing details about in due time.

We take security and protocol risk very seriously and have taken time to ensure that all protocol parameters are sensible. On top of that, we’ve ensured that the Hedge smart contract is audited by the top Solana auditors industry (Kudelski, Soteria and OtterSec). We’ll also be exploring options for an insurance fund that we will keep the community updated about.


HDG initial token distribution.

There are a total of 10M HDG tokens.

HDG token holders are able to stake HDG to receive a share of protocol profits. Long term the staking model may change as the token gains more utility such as voting rights.

60% of all tokens are allocated to the community, with 45% of the total tokens given out as liquidity & stability mining incentives. 5% of the total is given out as community rewards which include incentives for integration and potential airdrops. 10% of the total is kept aside for the Hedge Treasury. A portion of the Hedge Treasury will be staked to generate revenues for the team and community, though Hedge will ensure that the staked tokens do not represent more than 50% of the staking pool at any point in time.

15% of all tokens are set aside for investors — with 10% of the total going to seed investors and 5% set aside for future fundraise if needed. The seed investors have a 18 month vesting schedule after token launch with a 1 year cliff.

25% of all tokens are allocated to the core team and are subject to a 3 year vest with a 1 year cliff.

Liquidity Mining

Hedge will start liquidity mining at the same time as the mainnet beta launch. This is the expected emission schedule for HDG token emission over the next 6 years. The stability pool incentives are fixed and halve every year.

HDG emissions in first year of protocol launch
6 year HDG emissions schedule

We’re super excited to get this started!

Hedge Team




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