Introducing Hedge

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What is Hedge?

Hedge is a lending protocol built on the Solana blockchain that allows you to take out 0% interest collateralized loans.

What is USH?

USH is a stablecoin soft-pegged to the US dollar. It is minted when users take out loans and fully backed by collateral. It is burned when a user repays their loan or the Stability Pool liquidates a vault.

Why Use Hedge?

Taking out a Hedge loan allows you to access funds without having to sell your SOL. Selling means you’ll miss out on gains and also lowers the price for everyone else.

What Can I Do With Hedge?


The main function of Hedge is offering 0% interest collateralized loans. It’s easy to get a loan and only takes a few clicks.

  • Create a vault
  • Back it with a SOL deposit
  • Take out our stablecoin USH as a loan
Create a vault by clicking on “Open Vault”
Deposit SOL as collateral
Take out USH as loan

USH Stability Pool

If you hold USH, you can deposit it in our Stability Pool to passively earn SOL & HDG rewards. This pool is used to liquidate risky positions and allows for lower overall collateral requirements for vaults.

Liquidations and Redemptions

You can also profit by taking a more active role in protocol health. These actions are more complicated and may only make sense when conditions are right.

How Can I Earn HDG Tokens?

Whether you currently need a loan or not, you can earn HDG by supporting Hedge’s health. This is easy to do and enables you to earn passively.

  1. Provide liquidity in these pools on
  2. Your staked tokens will earn you HDG over time which you can claim from the pool.

Join Our Community

We hope you’re as excited about Hedge as we are! To stay up to date, join our community on Discord or follow us on Twitter.



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