Launching cUSDC vaults on Hedge

Multiplying your USDC yield with Solend and Switchboard
  1. USDC is deposited into Solend ( which will thus be earning a supply yield with cUSDC tokens given out as receipt.
  2. These cUSDC tokens are able to be deposited into Hedge to mint USH.
  3. Users can swap USH against USDC to redeposit this USDC to get more cUSDC
  4. By depositing the cUSDC tokens into Hedge again they are able to mint more USH and gain even more exposure to cUSDC yield.
  • Min collateral ratio: 105%
  • Init fee: 0.25%
  • Ongoing interest: 0.5%
  • Not redeemable
  • No recovery mode
Formula for max leverage: (mcr)/(mcr-1)



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