Refer a fren with the Hedge Referral Program

3 min readAug 16, 2022

Refer your friends for them to get a discount at!


  • Referred users gets 5% discount on setup fees
  • Referrer gets a 20% cut of the setup fees created by referred user and a 20% discount on their own setup fees (i.e. you get 20% off all fees for holding 500 HDG!)
  • If referred user deposits in stability pool, referrer gets a 2.5% cut of the HDG rewards
  • Hold 500 HDG or have 500 HDG staked to be a referrer
  • Early users will be able to secure a higher cut of setup fees and stability pool HDG rewards. Get your referral link early!
Hedge Referral Program banner
Hedge Referral Program

As Hedge continues growing, we’re excited to launch the first version of our referral program. It allows you to refer other users to Hedge and have them benefit from being referred!

The first users to create referral accounts will also benefit from a larger cut of setup fees and stability pool deposits.

How to create a referral link

If you have more than 500 HDG tokens in your wallet or staked, you can create a referral link at

Referral interface

This can be shared with anyone to invite them to start using Hedge (add it on your Twitter for example!). If you don’t have 500 HDG tokens yet, you can purchase them to meet the quota.

Referral link. Go ahead and share with your friends!

Once they use that link they can use Hedge as usual but will get a 5% discount on setup fees and 20% of those will be made available to you. Furthermore, if the referred person contributes to the stability pool, you will receive a 2.5% of the emitted HDG tokens. Neither of these rewards are capped.


You refer a friend and they take a 200,000 USH loan from the SOL-110 vault which has a 0.5% loan initiation fee. Without the referral your friend would receive 200,000 USH into their wallet and their vault will have 201,000 USH debt.

With the referral your friend still receives 200,000 USH into their wallet, but will end up with a vault with 200,950 USH debt, while you receive 200 USH as reward for referring your friend.

These fees will continue accruing to you unless the user creates their own referral link by holding 500 HDG tokens.

You must manually claim the referral fees through the Hedge website. Note that you must continue holding the 500 HDG tokens to be eligible.

What’s next?

We’re excited to be trialing this initial version of our referral program and plan to improve it as we get to understand what works best.

Finally this means anyone can build a front-end for Hedge and collect referral fees in the process.




Never sell your SOL - 0% interest loans on Solana.